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Easy steps to improve law firms Google rankings


You have founded your own legal office, created a website for it, but don’t know how to promote it? How to make your company’s website attractive? How to make sure that clients, being in search of the best lawyer, choose your website and visit it? How to make them prefer you to everyone else? In order for you to do so, you just need to boost your firm’s poll numbers. 

Having a high rate means that your site will be displayed by the Google search engine before the sites of your competitors. In order to achieve this kind of success, listen to the following two tips and apply them. In fact, they are really functional. 

  • Compliance with Google’s recommendations

Check if your site corresponds to the recommendations that Google has developed for site creators.

According to the latest statistics, more than 75% of all the websites existing on the web contradict these recommendations. But it’s not difficult at all – you just need to open them, study and apply correctly. Sounds really simple, doesn’t it? In fact, these recommendations are kind of a table-top book for the specialist, working in SEO. You just have to follow them out, or at least apply for professional services to special SEO-companies. This way of solving the problem will suit you if you have little idea what SEO requirements want from you.


When finally your website is adapted to all SEO requirements, you will most likely see how its rating is rapidly increasing in the search system. We are aware of the cases when companies managed to get to the front page after doing a little work. Before that, they had a zero rating at all. They just decided to correct some of their main mistakes, those that were mostly remarkable. 

SEO issues to fix

Here is a list of the most common errors that make it difficult for your site to access the first pages of the search engine rankings. 


Study our list, maybe you have one of these problems:


  • Repeated information content;
  • Several repeated names or descriptions;
  • The length of the headlines is too long, or, conversely, too small. The same problem applies to the page essay; 
  • Absence or shortage of the significant words;
  • Your headlines or pictures do not have any tags;
  • The Google system can not recognize your website.

  • Work on your backlinks

We often deal with the word “backlinks”. But what does it mean? What is their significance?


They support the Google search engine, guaranteeing its functioning and life in general. If a lot of high-quality, authoritative backlinks have been left on any site, it means that this site can be trusted, and users can work with it, without being afraid of anything. 


How does the website ranking system work? Google makes a comparison between different websites, trying to clarify which of them is the most advanced. A website with the largest number of backlinks will receive the greatest degree of trust and support from Google. And, consequently, it will occupy a higher position in the ranking.


In order to put this point into practice, try to enlist the support of as many websites and companies working in the related field, as possible. Interact with them, sign contracts, expand your network. Contacts with authoritative sources will be a great advantage for you, with those sites that have already occupied rather high positions in the Google search engine. The more relevant the site that makes a backlink to you is, the better it is for you. Try to get backlinks from all of them, and also leave them in return. In this case, it is important to show helpfulness, because each of us strives for real success.


Try to make the top-grade and applicable backlinks: let them become your key to success.


We are sure that the tips above will definitely help your site to take a decent, high position in the system. You just need to check whether your website is in accordance with Google’s recommendations on SEO, or not. Do your best so that your site is referenced as often and better, as possible. Following these key principles, you will not even notice how the position of your site will improve right in front of your eyes!


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