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Link building for law firms


Link building is an important stage of creating and promoting a website for a representative of any profession, especially for a lawyer. When working on the site, it is very important to focus on the backlinks as they directly affect the ranking in the Google system of the search query. 

If you want to increase the credibility of your website, you should carefully and thoroughly work out your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. This strategy just covers the creation of first-class backlinks. The problem is that it could be a rather time-consuming process, so SEO companies may have to do their best. 

What are the backlinks? 

Backlinks are part of the text (and sometimes the whole image), which serves as a kind of guide between you and third-party pages or websites. These can be individual words, phrases, or sentences. As a rule, they are underlined and lead to external pages on the Internet. 

How do links work on the Internet? Why does your site need them?

Links help the reader to get quick access to the additional information he needs.

They may be required for you as the website’s owner for the following reasons:


  • Links make the site more popular because they increase the salience of the website;
  • Links improve the overall impression of the site of its users, as they more fully reveal the topic;
  • The number of target customers and cash people are increased with the help of the backlinks;
  • Proper backlinks force up the prestige of your website, so making links is the way to increase search effectiveness. If the website has many top-grade backlinks, it will then take up a high position in the search system. Google, which is used all over the world, is based on this principle. 


According to the information presented, backlinks act just like a vote of trust on the Internet. 

Backlinks and their impact on the successful advocacy

You are an aspiring lawyer, and you once decided to create your own website, right? The first thing you need to do is the creation of top-grade information content for it. It is important because, in this case, other companies would be very willing to share the information presented on your site with their audience. And the backlinks will appear by themselves. 


As professionals said, the backlink could be considered a link of great quality if it appears from a website with an influential domain. Search systems should be positive about this website; they should trust in its respectability. As links of high quality are important for increasing the effectiveness of the site, you may have to work with some computer programs necessary for generating links. It is significant to understand that we don’t work with backlinks to make the search engine dance to our pipe; virtually, we do it for ourselves. We just want to garner the support of the other sites in this field. By this means, we will succeed in making some good, relevant backlinks useful for our profit. 


Attorneys often use other lawyers’ websites to post the link to their own law offices. They may also use other channels they possess, like accounts on popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, for example). And if the other site decides to openly post the link to your law firm’s website, it means that he is ready to share a small part of his powers with you and your website. And it is absolutely acceptable – it has already become a kind of tradition since the first days of the Internet’s existence. 


There are many PR and SEO agencies that are busy provoking as many sites as possible to link to your own one. 

Backlinks: some key terms

To simplify your understanding of the backlinks, we will give you a list of the main terms below: 

  • Binding text: it could be a word combination, a phrase, or even a full sentence. We usually catch sight of it when we read the article’s text or when scrolling the page of the site. If the binding text contains a description, it will be more successful. It should include some keywords and key terms to boost the rate of the site. 
  • Root domain: to become a root domain, the company’s site should refer to other websites on the Internet. This is the only criterion. The prestige of the root domain is extremely important. The higher and better it is, the more efficient the lookup will be. It is interesting to know that it is better to post backlinks from different domains if you want to increase the search significance.
  • PageRank: it is a special Google rate system that rates Internet pages by their quality. The decisive criteria are the amount and validity of the backlinks. 
  • Connection speed: it means the speed at which the backlinks are created by the site. It is a handy characteristic sign for analyzing the success of your backlinks creation campaign. It is better to support an adequate speed for making backlinks. Otherwise, you would be accused of factitious activity. 

Types of links: dofollow and nofollow

What is the difference between them? Dofollow links usually help the site increase its rate position. To do this, they deliver their role privileges to the site. 

Nofollow links are not recorded by the search system, and that’s why they do not give the site any sort of privileges. It is considered that this type of link is not as valuable as the previous one. We can see them in popular social networks, as well as in the lawyers’ guidebooks. But Google often feels favorably towards these links, so it would be a great deal to use them in the beginning.  How is the link type determined? It is usually decided by the coding method. 

It was practically proved that the best strategy is to combine dofollow and nofollow links, so the result would be amusing. 

Approaches to creating the best backlinks

There are several resultative strategies for making remarkable and reasonable links. Let us look at them: 

  • Make awesome, affecting content 

This is the best advice that you can get from us, really. The content, full of useful, top-grade information, will always be well-regarded. Its impact on search effectiveness will be enormous, as well as the users will be at least impressed. The data you charge your site with should be valid. 

Try to think distinctly, innovatively, and artfully. Write in a simple and understandable language that is accessible to everyone.


Here are some tools to awaken your inspiration:


  • Use infographics: it is presented in the form of an image that is put on the sites and landing pages and has extra important information. It allows your website to hold the highest positions in the ranking. It will definitely attract maximum attention, forcing users to linger on the site. It often happens that such mobile, interactive images are published on behalf of common such cases. The company that opens the public access must issue a corresponding backlink to the site of your own company. There is also another advantage of the information presented in the form of infographics: it is always easy to read. All the data, numbers, and even statistics can be presented in a visible format. Unfortunately, the services of a good, skillful graphic designer can be required, but you can easily hire such a professional. 
  • Blogging: the bright blog will definitely draw your audience’s attention. Great and useful posts and articles written by a professional, sociable lawyer will certainly increase the number of backlinks. Moreover, the audience will trust you. Employing a copywriter is also a small tip for you, especially if you have some wording problems. 
  • “Frequently asked questions” (FAQ) paragraph: it is a great idea to incorporate such a section into your website. Try to fill it with those questions that are the most popular among your clients or people who got interested in getting your legal services just for once. You can even put some impressive numbers in this para to impress the audience a little bit. This tool will help your site to become mostly cited in comparison with your competitors. 
  • Podcasts: the information presented in the video format often finds an echo in the readers’ behavior. This format is quite popular, especially among young individuals. This method is especially good because it helps to focus the attention of media organizations on you. Afterward, they may decide to leave a backlink to your website, so your rate position would be stronger. 
  • Law competitions will show your knowledge 

Awards, prizes, and certificates that you can possibly win will increase your authority and your welfare safety net. You will be known as an easily-recognizable person and professional in your field of research. 

You can also be engaged in different peak bodies. Being a member of the judicial association will give you unrestricted access to the profile page, which is free of charge. From this point of view, this is the opportunity for you to make backlinks absolutely unlimitedly. 

  • Never underestimate the importance of reviews

The companies you deal with could be a great way to increase the number of your site’s backlinks. Being a tool of networking, feedback, written properly, may enhance the audience’s confidence in the services you provide. So try not to forget to write about your feelings and always ask for written feedback, particularly after working with a company in the neighboring area. However, you should clearly know when “enough is enough” – try not to exploit it too much. 


Summing up, it is important to say that attorneys at law have a great benefit that helps us to distinguish them from other professionals. This is the goal of creating backlinks. This field of work is well-known for its specific terms, statistics’ use, and remarkable prestige (we all need lawyers, don’t we?). That’s why lawyers often have many opportunities to make backlinks and publish them. But you should not desire too much that a huge number of good backlinks will come to you by themselves. Do some practical steps instead. 


Analyze the strategies described here, have a consultation with an expert, and then make the best backlinks, which will not leave anyone indifferent.


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