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Have you ever wondered, when using search engines, why some search results appear higher than others? The fact is, there is a whole strategy behind this, and this is called search engine optimization, or SEO.

Almost every business hires a special professional who helps create quality website content for the company’s online pages. However, not only should the content reflect the business’s values, core concepts, and things alike, but it should also include specific keywords and phrases that would appear in organic search results when potential site visitors are performing their search queries on a related topic.

Google search applies special strategies and techniques to evaluate the content of your website and make sure it is trustworthy, useful, and responsive to the request of website visitors. The thing is, the higher the Google rankings of your web page are, the more potential clients are likely to visit your website.

For this reason, in case you operate in the legal industry and would like to attract more traffic to your law firm and make your law firm’s website at the top of search engine rankings, it is highly recommended to turn to a law firm SEO company for help and take on experienced SEO consultants.

Law firm SEO 101 

Law firm website search engine optimization has two different sides of its activity – on-site and off-site. Below we are going to take a closer look at the factors that determine them and the SEO services for the law that many law firms have been successfully using for quite a while now.

On-site SEO services for law firms 

This component of law firm SEO is linked to the content that a website consists of. Lawyer SEO experts claim that the underlying issue of a web page failing to pop up in Google search results is that there is not enough content, and SEO strategies recommend having at least three hundred words on every page of law firm websites, regardless of what this page is related to – location, contacts or other seemingly unimportant things for search engine results pages.

If you hire a law firm SEO expert, they will know exactly what will make your page be shown in top organic search results without paid ads and other costly marketing efforts. Here is what you can expect a law firm SEO agency to do for your business:

  • Writing unique and catchy headings: basically, headings define the content of web pages for so-called crawl bots that search for new, attractive, and relevant content on the Internet. With the use of headings, bots assist prospective clients with landing on your page with the request matching your website.
  • Using keywords throughout the whole page of your website and making them sound natural in the context.
  • Creating meta descriptions or short descriptions of a law firm agency that appears just below the main result.
  • Helping with page titles, since this is perhaps one of the most important parts of the website in internet marketing. Page titles tell clients what services or products your company offers and whether you specialize in family law in particular or you are a personal injury law firm, for example.
  • Employing images to engage users. You might be surprised to learn that SEO companies use pictures or photos that are specially optimized for search engine optimization. This SEO strategy is used in social media marketing and helps to attract new clients. You can benefit from it greatly, especially if social media is your primary marketing channel.

Here we have explained what makes law firm SEO important for any law firm when it comes to content marketing. Now it is time to switch from on-page SEO to off-site SEO for legal services. 

Off-site SEO for law firms

The off-site law firm SEO strategy mostly deals with technical SEO like backlinks, link building in general, schema snippets, etc. In other words, an attorney SEO will do everything so that the link to your page appears together with highly rated news stories in various search engines, especially if it comes to local news. Then, together with local SEO, including information on Google maps and Google business profile, this SEO campaign brings the best results possible.

The SEO efforts pay off by attracting clientele and, as a result, your law firm’s increased revenue and profits.

Choosing the right law firm

It is rather important to make the right choice when you are searching for an SEO agency for your website because who does not want to appear first on Google?

To pick an SEO firm that would satisfy your needs, it is essential to answer some questions determining your goals first:

  1. Are you planning on having the whole website?
  2. What geography do you have in mind? Would you like to operate internationally or locally?
  3. What practices do you want to include in the marketing strategy? Perhaps, you wish to specialize in just one of them (say, family law)?
  4. Do you already know the keywords that you will use in order for your web page to get the highest rank?
  5. What kind of search results are most appealing to you? Would you rather go with an organic search, paid advertising campaigns, or a mixture of the two?
  6. What is your budget, and how much are you ready to set aside for hiring an SEO lawyer?

Once you have got the answers to the questions above, you can go online and search for the agency that operates in the field you are most interested in. Make sure to check the expertise of the chosen firm, read some reviews, and do not hesitate to ask questions before you sign the contract. It is very convenient when a chosen company can present some past case studies for you to look at and measure their success in this particular professional area.

If you can choose the right SEO company, not only will you get your website developed and looking attractive and dynamic, but you will also be able to enjoy the results of such services as having quality content, link building, paid aids, and many more to improve your website traffic, improve conversions and get more referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What is an SEO lawyer?

A search engine optimization lawyer, or in other words, a legal SEO specialist, is a person whose main target is to increase the traffic on your website and make your law firm’s website appear in the top search results on Google and other search engines. An SEO lawyer knows all the ins and outs of marketing strategies and will be able to pick the right law firm marketing strategy to respond to your legal marketing needs.

Does SEO work for law firms?

It should not even be mentioned that search engines are a fantastic tool when it comes to attracting new customers, raising brand awareness, and other things related to increasing the popularity of a law firm. So, if you hire an SEO professional to deal with your online marketing strategy, you are sure to receive many more clients wishing to use the services of your law practice. Do not miss out on the opportunity to maximize the traffic of your webpage!

How much do Google ads cost lawyers?

Unfortunately, it is rather hard to answer this question off the cuff because there is no single answer to that. But if we dive deeper into the process Google ads work, we will learn that the most basic ad is a pay-per-click one – that means you will have to pay only in case somebody clicks the link. Depending on the website to which the link leads, like Facebook, LinkedIn, or others, the price will vary as well.

But there is also another version of ads that is called cost per click that operates in certain industries and can be applied to the legal field. This gets a bit more expensive than pay-per-click and should be carefully considered before implementation.

Do law firms need SEO?

Some people may say that law firm SEO is just a waste of money and is not worth it. However, those who have already tried using the services of a law firm SEO agency will admit that even having Google analytics installed and knowing how Google analytics works will not bring the same result as using law firm SEO services. An SEO professional is specially trained to work with law firms and increase the ranking, so this person can be considered indispensable for the business.

How much will a law firm SEO cost me?

To calculate the exact price, we recommend contacting an SEO company whose services you are planning to use. The final price will depend on the number of law firm SEO services you wish to have, the goal you mean to achieve with SEO, and how fierce the competition in your area is. So, putting it in a different way, there are many factors that would affect the bill to pay an SEO company, and that is why to get in touch with a particular firm in person.

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